Coordinate converter

Coordinate reference systems
Transformation is performed between the Luxembourgish coordinate reference system LURES LTM (formerly known as Gauss Luxembourg 1930 or LUREF) and the European coordinate reference system ETRS89 ellipsoidal as well as ETRS89 UTM. For applications with limited accuracy requirements ETRS89 and WGS84 can be considered to be equal.
Transformation is performed with centimetre-level precision. In order to guarantee this, ETRS89 ellipsoidal longitude and latitude coordinates should be entered down to 8 decimals.

The coordinate converter tool below allows single point coordinate transformation. For multiple point transformation (bulk) please click here.

How to convert:

1) Select input coordinate reference system:
2) Enter input coordinates in the appropriate fields:

LURES LTM (EPSG:2169/9895)

East coordinate (required)
North coordinate (required)
Up coordinate (optional)

ETRS89 Ellipsoidal (EPSG:4937)

Longitude (required)
Latitude (required)
Ellipsoidal Height (optional)

ETRS89 UTM (EPSG:25831/25832)

UTM Zone 31 or 32
East coordinate (required)
North coordinate (required)
Up coordinate (optional)